New customer offer*
overall approx. 3.600.000 e-mails
12.500 Euro CPT ca. 3,50 Euro
  • 2,5 Mio. qualification sendouts
  • +20% transmission
  • +2 retarget Mail© sendouts
Multiple orders during promotion period possible
BOOKING till 2020.07.31
SENDOUT till 2020.07.31
*Valid for Germany campaigns
Acquiring new customers with adRom LIFESTYLE means e-mail marketing at the expert level. Take advantage of our high range of 6 exclusive lifestyle portals with up to 8 million subscribers per lifestyle portal for your campaigns, DSGVO / GDPR conform.
Define your target audience using our lifestyle portals.
Qualify the prospective customers through the first sendout.
Win new customers through retarget Mail© campaigns.

We accompany you during the entire process.
  • 23 M. exclusive e-mail adresses
  • GDRP / DSGVO conform
  • Exclusive marketer of 15 content-portals (including 6 lifestyle portals)
  • More than 19 years experience in online marketing
Customer acquision
for all requirements
Create attention.
Arouse interest.
Acquire customers.
E-mail to target customers
Target customer
opens e-mail
purchasing interest
exists >> expanding interest
retarget Mail© 1.0)
Prospect clicks
increased purchasing
interest >> Chross-Channel marketing
Buying or
Chance of purchase increased again through Cross-Channel measures
Qualify prospects | retarget Mail© | acquire customers
SENDOUT SELDUE example May 2020
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