Personal Mailing Lists

Customer loyalty through personal contact

A personal high quality mailing list, professionally built and maintained with constant new quality leads, is by far the best way to acquire new customer and gain customer loyalty. We build an address database according to your instructions and search out new email addresses for you following the highest technical and legal criteria.

A personal mailing list offers the following advantages:

  • high sustainability and continuous communication
  • exact tracking
  • very low running costs
  • continuous feedback to optimise your email campaigns
  • individually targeted promotional messages
  • continuous communication and customer loyalty
  • trust building and market positioning
  • exact analysis of your clients needs
  • independent communication channels

Building trust and subscriber loyalty

Recognising your advertisement is one of the most important factors for building trust, which later turns into customer loyalty. Your own personal mailing list can help you achieve this goal.

A personal newsletter is one of the most important factors in customer acquisition as well as customer loyalty. Personalising customer messages and communications on an ongoing basis is a very effective way of building a long lasting relationship with your customer, and in turn retaining them through each stage of the customer life cycle.

Through continuous communication with the recipient through your newsletter database you create a high recognisability which ultimately leads to trust. Through constant and tailored communications your products consciously and unconsciously remain present in the customer’s mind, thus placing your offering in the best position when the consumer decides to make a purchase.