Email marketing is an extremely cost efficient marketing tool. It can be used to create an interest in people without an initial buying intention and to then turn them into actual customers. Email marketing can also encourage one time buyers to make regular purchases.

What are the advantages of email marketing in comparison with traditional marketing activities?

1. Email marketing is popular

You will reach your target group via the most popular means of communication at present: email is the most used technology on the internet. Due to this trend the global spending for email marketing is expected to increase to over two billion dollars by the year 2012.

2. Email marketing saves time and money

You do not have any typeset, printing or delivery costs. Traditional direct mailings are expensive and require long production spans. By using email as promotional means the costs per recipient are being reduced to a few cents and the complete realisation can be done in just a few hours. In general the return on investment is up to 40 times higher than with traditional direct mailings.

3. Regular client contact

Flexible realisation offers an easy way to keep regular contact with your clients. In comparison to once-off campaigns, this has the effect of the recipient remembering you and thus turning a lead into a client and increasing customer loyalty.

4. Increased sales figures

It is not unusual for professional email campaigns to reach a response rate of 5 – 15%. The response rates of contacts gained through the opt-in process is up to fifty times higher than that of classical online banners and five times higher than conventional direct advertisement.

5. Instant results

The first reactions to the ad can often be measured within just a few minutes of the broadcasting. 80% of all reactions to an email campaign take place within the first three days. Conventional direct advertising needs several weeks to do the same.

6. Measurable results

Email campaigns can be measured and analysed on a wide scale. Simple tests help to see which of your promotional means has been most successful. This allows you to re-use these again for your next emailing campaign.

7. Personalised and target group oriented approach

By using email as a promotional tool you have the possibility of personalising your message. Through targeting your customer segments with differentiated messages via the email channel you can adapt your offer within an email campaign exactly to the needs of the recipients in the various segments.

adRom Full Service Email Marketing

As a full service provider we offer our customers help with even the most complex campaigns. If you wish, you can leave all aspects from concept and design to programming and delivery up to detailed reporting and the final analysis to us – and expect results that range way above average.

We offer:

  • Generation of 10000 new leads daily
  • Addresses for stand-alone email campaigns
  • Impactful multi-channel campaigns (e.g. direct mail and stand alone email campaign used in conjunction with each other)
  • The most modern of distribution technologies as ASP or standard software
  • Building and management of your own newsletter database
  • Newsletter broadcasting, reporting and analysis
  • Concept, programming and graphic design
  • Maintenance, updating and optimisation of data

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