The most important features of the adRom Email Manager

True one to one marketing through segmentation into target groups

Reach your target group spot on – email marketing is clearly steering into the direction of target marketing. The adRom Email Manager allows you to select your personal target group from the list of general recipients. The adRom Email Manager tracks the clicking habits of the recipients and thus their preferences and uses this information to filter out new optimum target groups.

Browser based software – access via every PC with internet connection

The adRom Email Manager is not installed onto your own computer but runs through one of the most modern computer centres in Europe. All you need to access the system and use all the functions of the Email Manager is a computer with internet connection. This makes it much easier to import data, manage your content, measure the returned mails, analyse the responders and helps to keep your campaign easy, cost efficient and safe.

Available as ASP-solution or installed onto your computer system

adRom offers you the possibility of installing the software onto your own servers or of using it as ASP-solution. The main advantages of the ASP-solution are as follows:

  • no licensing fees (only sent emails are invoiced)
  • no IT infrastructure costs (the software runs on the adRom servers)
  • no additional traffic
  • professional whitelisting
  • no staff costs for updates, installation etc. (all necessary updates are installed by adRom)

Stable mailing of several million emails per hour

adRom operates two geographically separate computer centres in Austria (Rankweil) and Germany (Nuremberg), featuring highly efficient mailing servers which enable us to send out several million emails per hour. adRom can offer a service level guarantee of 99.8%.

Highest delivery rates through professional whitelisting

Professional whitelisting prevents your newsletter from being classified as spam by internet providers. adRom is a member of the CSA (Certified Senders Alliance). Additionally adRom applies its own whitelisting with providers which are not members of CSA in order to guarantee the delivery of your message into their customers’ email accounts. To optimise the high delivery rate, adRom applies the principle of the “scattergun approach”, which means the newsletters are being sent to various different IP addresses.

Automatic blacklist comparison (legal security)

In order to avoid unwanted spam messages, the adRom Email Manager compares the address lists with official blacklists (such as the Robinson list). Email Marketing = Permission Marketing. No promotional message is sent to users without them having previously given permission to do so. adRom also offers support in legal matters.

Easy to use for beginners as well as experts

The adRom Email Manager is very easy to use. It resembles the Microsoft Outlook interface and is easy to navigate. Simple steps lead you through the process and the potential for mistakes is extremely low. It goes without saying that the adRom Email Manager also fulfils the requirements of experienced users and enables the creation of complex mailings (if required) in a very short space of time.

Automatic address validation and cleaning up of duplicate data

When importing data into the system, the adRom Email Manager checks for multiple entries of email addresses. Multiple entries are not imported into the system but exported onto separate lists. The system also checks the correct spelling of the addresses.

Automatic bounce management

The adRom Email Manager automatically differentiates between hard and soft bounces (hard bounces are email addresses that do not exist and soft bounces are email addresses that are temporarily out of reach). The tool re-sends soft bounces at a later time and unsubscribes hard bounces, thus cleaning up your database.

Integrated spam checker (false/positive analysis)

Before sending out your newsletter our Email broadcasting software checks the template for spam criteria. This takes into account keywords as well as the set up of the template. By offering recommendations for a optimized newsletter adRom can guarantee a high delivery rate to the inbox of the recipients.

Daily data backup

The safety of the data is guaranteed through daily backups.

Extensive statistical analysis

Find out more about your newsletter subscribers. Use the extensive reporting of the adRom Email Manager for even more successful email marketing. You can for instance work out the ideal time to send out your mailings. The link tracking tool will let you know which contents are especially interesting to the users and much more. Use these reports to continue to optimise your mailings.