Postal Data

The best addresses for your direct marketing

Are you hoping to acquire new customers through direct mailings? Perhaps you are considering supporting your email campaign with the use of other media?

Up to now permission marketing has been mainly based online. If you are looking for additional ways with which to precisely reach your target group, such as through direct mailings, we are your perfect partner: adRom is one of the leading address providers in the German speaking region and offers you access to more than 14 million data records with postal addresses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Multi-channel campaigns

Our enormous number of postal addresses is at your disposal for your successful multi-channel campaign. After targeted customer approach through stand-alone email campaigns, we can quickly determine detailed information regarding product affinity responses, and use these for individual campaigns (such as telemarketing or direct mailing).

Your advantages with postal addresses provided by adRom:

  • low costs and high response rates
  • access to postal addresses for over 600 fields of interest from A-Z
  • up to date data, collected through polls, competitions, communities and special interest portals
  • multi-channel campaigns via post, telephone and email
  • top quality data: all postal addresses have been tested for accuracy and validity
  • professionalism: we guarantee absolute legal security by having all recipients agree up front to be contacted