Address Data

Top addresses for your campaign

We offer access to email, postal and telephone data of excellent quality from the biggest exclusive permission database in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Over 3000 successful campaigns and our awarded experience and innovative solutions speak for themselves.

When registering with our permission database, all users are asked to accept the receipt of promotional emails (double opt-in). Our system then deletes duplicate entries and places each consumer into one or more of hundreds of profile segments. Selection according to the activity of the last received emails guarantees top results for email opening, clicks and response.

adRom is a member of the main direct marketing associations, we strictly adhere to all the ethical codes and follow a strict non-spam policy.

adRom Full Service Email Marketing

As a full service provider we offer our customers help with even the most complex campaigns. If you wish, you can leave all aspects from concept and design to programming and delivery up to detailed reporting and the final analysis to us – and expect results that range way above average.

We offer:

  • Generation of 10000 new leads daily
  • Addresses for stand-alone email campaigns
  • Impactful multi-channel campaigns (e.g. direct mail and stand alone email campaign used in conjunction with each other)
  • The most modern of distribution technologies as ASP or standard software
  • Building and management of your own newsletter database
  • Newsletter broadcasting, reporting and analysis
  • Concept, programming and graphic design
  • Maintenance, updating and optimisation of data

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